Kelsey Ward

Kelsey grew up in a small Washington state town and participated in many sports throughout middle and high school. She attended EWU pursuing her RN degree and finished her education at Carroll College in Helena, MT.After getting married and having 3 children, she sustained a back injury, and in her pursuit of a natural, healthful way to recover her strength and agility, she found pilates. From the first class, she was hooked.Kelsey and her family moved to Spokane and found Team Pilates, who share her vision for health and wellness and passion for Pilates. In 2016 she started the Balanced Body training program and is now ready to get to work!

Kelsey Ward instructs the following:
  • Reformer/Chair
  • Combine the resistance and flow of the Reformer with the power of the Pilates Chair and you've got a duo to reckon with!

  • Mat Barre
  • Fun, Firming and 1 step closer to a Fabulous you! Melt away the calories with Body Barre! It is our exclusive Pilates and Cardio based fitness program which will transform your body in just 30 sessions. This 60-minute routine designed to target your problem areas like the buttocks, waistline, and upper arms will get results fast. Backed by Balanced Body, the leading name in the Pilates Industry for both equipment and education, you can rest easy and burn those calories in a safe and fun environment!

  • Reformer Fundamentals
  • This Reformer class for BEGINNERS will teach you the fundamentals of this wonderful piece of Pilates Apparatus. Learn the spring settings, breathing and fundamental principles behind this spring/rope Reformer system.

  • MOTR Blast
  • MOTR “More than a roller” is the new, fun and innovative toy that enables you to turn a foam roller into a Reformer workout!! This 30 minute blast class will work your entire body while adding balance and cardio!

  • Reformer/Mat Circuit
  • This class combines the classic Pilates work on both the Reformer and Mat. Accentuating similarities in the same exercises on the Mat and Pilates Apparatus.

  • MOTR/Chair
  • MOTR “More than a roller” mixed with the Pilates Chair will challenge every muscle in your BoDY!!

  • MOTR: More Than a Roller
  • MOTR...take your Reformer work to a FUN, NEW level! Strengthen and challenge your balance, stretch your body to it’s limits. Strength and Agility training are included, jumping, cardio, flexibility...get your “MOTR” running!