Avril Stevenson

Avril Stevenson is originally from Missoula, Montana. She started dancing at the age of eight with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and received her BA in Dance from The University of Montana in 2004. During that time Avril was introduced to Pilates as dance conditioning. In 2005, Avril moved to the San Francisco area to pursue her career in dance and performed in a number of modern dance companies. In 2006, Avril started her training to become a Pilates instructor with Ellie Herman in San Francisco. She taught at Ellie Herman’s Studio/The Center in Oakland and Ironworks Rock Gym in Berkeley from 2007- 2009. In 2009, Avril moved back to Missoula, MT and opened Studio D Pilates & Gallery and taught at the University of Montana until 2014. During that time she began working with Rhizoterra, as the project manager, and decided to move with the company to Spokane. Avril enjoys teaching Pilates and is excited to teach for Team Pilates Spokane.

Avril Stevenson instructs the following:
  • Reformer
  • Reformer is the MOST POPULAR type of PIlates apparatus. With it's continual pull from both ropes and springs, then adding in resistance from your own body weight, this is sure to be a FULL BODY, INTENSE WORKOUT!

  • Circuit Class
  • This class circuits through all of the large pieces of Pilates Equipment to include the Reformer, Trapeze Table and Pilates Chair offering you an eclectic and challenging workout!

  • SWTS Bosu Challenge
  • This 30 minute Bosu Challenge will leave your legs and arms toned and tight while challenging your balance and proprioception!

  • "CIRCUS" class= BODHI+Barre+Pilates Apparatus
  • This "Circus" is a fabulously FUN adventure of movement! It includes a combination of BODHI suspension system, Barre Reformer, Chair and Springboard.

  • "Joe's" Classic Pilates Mat
  • Work toward the classic 34 exercises designed by Joseph Pilates himself. Classic Work, Classic Core!

  • SWTS Barre Blast
  • This 30 minute Barre Blast class will focus on specific “tracks” within the system of the Body Barre work. Barre Legs, Upper body, Core on the floor, All Fours, Coordination, Flexibility and Dynamic Movement. Each week brings a new adventure in the Barre work to introduce all of these concepts to you.

  • Baby Barre + Pre Natal Pilates
  • Baby Barre is a fun way to play with your babe (Or babe-to be for our pre-natal mamas) while you workout and get some adult social interaction! Triple the fun! This workout will include you and your baby interacting (they get to be your free weights). Same Barre fun with ab toning, thigh firming and cardio blast...just with your sidekick included!  Open to babies ages 0-2 years old.

  • Springboard
  • This class uses the resistance/assistance of the spring system to challenge your core.