Kris Duke

Kris Duke is originally from the Spokane area, but has also lived in Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV. Kris’s interest in physical fitness started when she was a college student. Her interest started with aerobics and weight training at SFCC. Thirteen years ago she hesitantly ventured into an adult ballet class while her young daughters were taking their own classes. She liked it so much, that she started taking floor barre and Pilates, which were also offered as part of the adult class schedule.

Three years ago, Kris discovered how Pilates can bring a person back from injuries and make someone stronger than they were before. When Kris’s daughter Tori was recovering from back and ankle injuries due to dance, Kris found Angelie Melzer to help her daughter rehabilitate her body. Angelie insisted that Kris would be an excellent instructor, and with a little bit of convincing, Kris took her first Balanced Body course, Body Barre. Kris instantly fell in love with Pilates. Since then she has gone on to receive her certifications from Balanced Body in Pilates Mat and Springboard.

Kris continues to grow everyday in her love and appreciation of Pilates. She also enjoys meeting new people and helping them discover what their body is capable of with proper Pilates training.

Kris Duke instructs the following:
  • Reformer
  • Reformer is the MOST POPULAR type of PIlates apparatus. With it's continual pull from both ropes and springs, then adding in resistance from your own body weight, this is sure to be a FULL BODY, INTENSE WORKOUT!

  • SWTS Tabata
  • This High Intensity work out will leave you drenched with it's quick burst of intervals along with 5-10 seconds rest periods between!

  • HIIT
  • 25 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using props, pilates springboard and other tools to get your cardio on and muscles fatigue maxed with a 20 minute core cool down on the mat.

  • "CIRCUS" class= BODHI+Barre+Pilates Apparatus
  • This "Circus" is a fabulously FUN adventure of movement! It includes a combination of BODHI suspension system, Barre Reformer, Chair and Springboard.

  • Bohdi Barre
  • Barre class but hanging in ROPES! What! Enough said.

  • Stability Ball Core
  • Stability Ball Core will get you rolling and kick in your core as soon as you "sit" down! 

  • Springboard/Bodhi
  • Mix your favorite suspension classes together! Springboard will suspend your joints with resistance/assistance and Bodhi will create the flow you need in the ropes. Springs and Ropes all in one!!!