Elizabeth Boswell-Jones

Master Pilates Teacher, Movement Educator, and B.A.N.I. Childbirth Educator, Elizabeth Jones-Boswell, M.Ed., PMA-CPT began her career as a dancer. Following a severe injury, she underwent two back surgeries (laminectomy and subsequent removal of a bone fragment) in 1980.

Doctors told her she would neither dance again nor be able to endure pregnancy and childbirth.

She embraced the exercise system based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates as a means to recovery, which gave rise to her own rehabilitative techniques. By combining Pilates' work with her many years of exercise and dance training, as well as studies in Alexander, Bartinieff, and Feldenkrais, she now has a system of exercise that will work on any body.

In 1984 Elizabeth founded the Physical Conditioning Centre (Houston, TX), which accommodated over 350 appointments weekly by 2001. In that year, she sold her facility and moved to Spokane where she sees private clients and conducts teacher-training workshops and lectures. She was granted the distinction of master teacher in 2000. Her continued studies have been with master teachers Carola Trier, Ron Fletcher, Alan Herdman, Eve Gentry and her protege Michele Larsson.

She created and appears on the mat work section of the video "Jaclyn Smith's Workout for Beauty and Balance." Elizabeth, mother of four, created a companion set (book and DVD) entitled "Exercise for Pregnancy and Beyond: A Pilates-based Approach for Women". An article about her DVD and book appeared in January 2011 on "Spokane Savvy". She also has developed three exercise videos for her clients and is planning another for public release in the near future.

Elizabeth's mission is to empower clients with the education, inspiration and tools necessary to awaken their body, mind, and spirit through safe Pilates-based exercises and other movement therapies to create a balance of strength and flexibility for a lifetime of joy and physical health.

Elizabeth Boswell-Jones is currently not instructing any classes.