Angela Bonacorsi

Angela Bonacorsi has been an avid athlete and physical mover all of
her life.

She is certified in Pilates mat and apparatus through the Physical Mind

Working with physical therapists in post rehabilitation and through her own
trainings, she has a unique way of working with the body through movement.
Angela is a sports enthusiast enjoying: snowboarding, soccer, mountain
biking, golf, and hiking with her dogs. Her goal is for an individual to
create an enhancement in body awareness during sports performance and
functional everyday activities by using the body and mind connection and
making fitness fun.

Angela Bonacorsi instructs the following:
  • MOTR/Chair
  • MOTR “More than a roller” mixed with the Pilates Chair will challenge every muscle in your BoDY!!

  • Gyrokinesis Fundamentals
  • This is a beginning level class to introduce Gyrokinesis methods, spinal movements and breath patterns.

  • MOTR: More Than a Roller
  • MOTR...take your Reformer work to a FUN, NEW level! Strengthen and challenge your balance, stretch your body to it’s limits. Strength and Agility training are included, jumping, cardio, flexibility...get your “MOTR” running!

  • MOOV Barre (MOTR+OOV+ Barre)
  • Let’s MOOV!!! This high energy class combines music, MOTR (More Than a Roller) and the OoV for a movement EXPLOSION!

  • Gyrokinesis
  • The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement system that addresses the entire body. Based on the modalities of dance,martial arts,swimming, and Kundalini Yoga it opens energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system,increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic,flowing movement sequences. It is an original and unique method, which coordinates movement,breath,and mental focus.